Spandhana Centre for Special Needs

Spandhana centre for special needs provides early intervention for children with intellectual disabilities. It is an umbrella centre, where we provide all child related interventions. This is a move to make children with special needs to function in a near normal level. That helps them to perform better in academics and behavioral aspects. This helps to take a step to include in the society.

Spandhana is aimed at equipping the individual with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other intellectual disabilities in an inclusive society through employment in open, supported, sheltered and self employment. It is a move towards the inclusion of such individuals to the society through appropriate intervention in a professional and trained way.

Our Philosophy

Spandhana is an action or move towards bringing the individuals with special needs within the society and making them to stand as a part of the whole society.


To help children with intellectual disability and ASD achieve a happy and successful life by tapping their true potentials.


To bring a positive change in the life of individuals with intellectual disability and ASD, by being a channel for vocation and inclusion.


The objectives of Spandhana are to provide early intervention to children with autism and other intellectual disabilities and making them ready for schooling.

What Parents Says

My son had shown improvement in various area like activities in daily living, communication and academics. After he started his session in Spandhana. He loves that place. All therapists are very friendly caring and always approachable. More over the center his conducting regular session to educate parents and support them. We are getting regular updates regarding our child’s program.


Homely ambience in therapy center, Therapist are well trained and informed, Child centered approach


Meet Our Experts

Dr Uma Krishnan

Executive Director and Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Mrs Syamly K C

Behavioural Therapist

Mrs Krishnendu K V

Special Educator

Ms Shijila E

Behavioural Therapist

Mrs Arathy Rajeev(BASLP, MASLP)

Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist

Ms Sherin C Jaleel

Special Educator